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The early concept of establishing an actually inclusive and wide-ranging financial institution was envisaged by Rural Self-reliance Development Centre (RSDC) a NGO, working to materialize 'self-reliant' and 'self-dependant' society. Rural Self-reliance Development Centre (RSDC) had already established and promoted 171 cooperatives (known as Swawalamban Sahakari) in 12 districts, with strong belief that local financial demands can be fulfilled and economic activities stimulated by consolidating local institutions (mainly cooperatives). As anticipated, Rural Self-reliance Development Centre, succeeded to fulfill local financial demands and stimulate economic activities to some extent, but shortly, those cooperatives turned to be unable to provide the required financial

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Message from our CEO

RSDC Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd. was incorporated with a Vision of 'Formation of Self-reliant and Self-dependent society'. We started our journey on 26th Bhadra 2070 (11th Sept. 2013), of becoming a financial institution for our potential clients, remaining firmly committed in our Mission of 'Promotion, empowerment, and development of local institutions to strengthen economically disadvantaged rural communities.

Our Goal is 'To create such an environment where rural deprived communities will be able to fulfill their financial needs from their own institutions'. We are aware of the fact that poverty is largely a rural problem and agriculture is the key to alleviating rural poverty. We believe that sustainable agricultural growth and rural development can be achieved if a large proportion of the rural population would be able to make use of improved facilities to save and have better access to credit.

Most formal financial institutions deny the poor their services because of the high costs involved in small transactions, and the poor people’s inability to provide marketable collateral for loans. Hence we provide Wholesale Loans to (1) Retail Microfinance Financial Institutions, (2) Cooperatives dealing with saving and credit, and (3) Non-government Organizations permitted for limited banking transactions. We have been working to materialize 'self-reliant' and 'self-dependent society by consolidating local institutions (mainly cooperatives) so that they would be able to fulfill local financial demand and stimulate economic activities in rural areas.

At last, I would like to invite all our potential partners to work with us, to ensure reliable, affordable, and sustainable financial services to the rural people in the country.

Damodar Joshi

Chief Executive Officer

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