Institutions/organizations that meet the RSDCMF's eligibility criteria can apply for wholesale loan. Once RSDCMF receives application for loan, RSDCMF follows following procedure to sanction and disburse the loan amount.

  1. RSDCMF deserves the right to accept or reject loan applications, assigning or without assigning any reason whatsoever.
  2. RSDCMF checks thoroughly the accepted loan applications and may ask for further information if required.
  3. Once all the required documents and information from applicant institution/organization is obtained, RSDCMF assigns a date to visit and assess the applicant institution/organization.
  4. During the field-visit RSDCMF makes due diligence study, analysis and evaluation of institutions/organizations and holds a group discussion with Board of Directors and other committee members.
  5. After assessment RSDCMF may take approximately 1week to approve or disapprove the loan application, and informs the applicant about the status of the application.
  6. If loan application is approved, preparation of required legal documents and loan disbursement process will proceed as per RSDCMF's rules and regulations.
  7. In any stage of loan sanctioning process, if required, RSDCMF may ask for further information/documents and it will be the duty of applicant to furnish such information/documents.