Before applying for Wholesale Loan from RSDCMF, applicant institution/organization must have fulfilled the following eligibility criterion.

  1. Must be registered under the prevailing law/act and been in operation for at least 2 years with regular and timely statutory audit.
  2. Have obtained license or legal status for microfinance or saving and credit operations.
  3. Total non-performing loan (portfolio at risk) must not be more than 5% and have maintained sufficient loan loss provision as per rule.
  4. Must be running in profit and must not have accrued loss.
  5. Must be complied with standard principles & practices.
  6. Have minimum net-worth and other financial indicators as prescribed by RSDCMF.
  7. Have adopted adequate policies and procedures and active and professional board of directors, other committees and management team.
  8. Have a well managed office, appropriate documentation and book keeping policy and determined to set up Management Information System (MIS).
  9. Must have saving and credit transactions limited within its members.
  10. Have women, dalits, madheshi, janjati and other deprived section of community as members and their active participation on saving and credit transactions.
  11. Have adequate saving, lending, monitoring, supervision and recovery policy and procedures.
  12. Must be able to fulfill others terms and conditions as per RSDCMF rules/requirements.