RSDCMF provides Wholesale Loan to :

  1.  Retail Microfinance Financial Institutions,
  2.  Cooperatives dealing with saving and credit, and
  3.  Non-government Organizations permitted for limited banking transactions.

Though all eligible and interested institutions/organizations can apply for wholesale loan, RSDCMF gives priority to following institutions/organizations :

  1. Institutions/Organizations located at remote rural areas or such areas where other formal financial services are rare and difficult.
  2. Institutions/Organizations that provide micro-saving, micro-credit, micro-insurance and remittance services to their members.  
  3. Institutions/Organizations that mainly serve to socially and economically backward community.
  4. Institutions/Organizations that mainly run Micro-Finance Programme and have extended their operations to remote rural areas.  
  5. Institutions/Organizations that are run by women, dalits, madheshi, janjati and other deprived section of community.
  6. Institutions/Organizations having remarkable number of women, dalits, madheshi, janjati and other deprived section of community as their members.
  7. Institutions/Organizations that intend to fulfill the local financial demand by local institutions and stimulate economic activities for 'self-reliant' and 'self-dependent' society.

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