RSDC Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd. (RSDCMF) is a national level "D" class financial institution, registered under Company Act-2063 and then Bank and Financial Institution Act-2063, and licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank. RSDCMF is the fourth financial institution of its type, and the first and only wholesale-microfinance financial institution, having its registered office outside Kathmandu valley. RSDCMF inaugurated its operation on 26th Bhadra 2070 (11th September 2013), from Butwal, in western Nepal. RSDCMF's initial authorized capital was NPR 20 crore, issued and paid up capital was NPR 6 Crore. Promoters of RSDCMF hold 60 percent of its capital, whereas rest 40 percent has been allocated to public as ordinary shares. Major promoters of RSDCMF are Rural Self-reliance Development Centre, Kathmandu (RSDC-24.54%) and then Lumbini Bank (Now Bank of Kathmandu Ltd-12%) along with other 172 individual investors (23.46%) across various districts of the nation.

At present capital structure of RSDCMF Is:

Outhorized Capital    : NPR 57.592 Crore

Issued Capital              : NPR 57.592 Crore

Paid up Capital            : NPR 35.995 Crore

RSDCMF has been working to materialize 'self-reliant' and 'self-dependent' society by consolidating local institutions (mainly cooperatives), so that they would be able to fulfill local financial demand by local semi-financial institutions, and stimulate economic activities in rural areas.